About Laura
A little about me...
Until recently, I wouldn't have considered myself as a nature lover. I was like the average person, I enjoyed beautiful scenery when I happened upon it, but it never really "called" to me.

I'm not sure when it happened, but in the last few years I've found that I need to get out of the  city and connect with the Earth more and more. It grounds me, it centers me, and most importantly, it balances me.

I LOVE trees. They feel good. They are the most common subject of my paintings. Now maybe that's because they are easy to paint, and I haven't built that skill up, but I just connect with them on a deep level.

A few months ago I was teaching an Intuitive CranioSacral Release class and I was telling the students how my daughter can see people's auras. We were talking about grounding at the time, and I was telling the students that she says trees have huge auras.

Later that evening,I told my daughter about the discussion and she exclaimed, "Oh yes, and they (the trees) just want to help us!"

Ok, now to the background info...CranioSacral Therapy is my "calling". From my first class I was hooked, and knew I had found my passion.

A little about my background...
I discovered CranioSacral Therapy through my own healing journey. I was looking for a natural alternative to treat the depression I was experiencing, and was surprised by how powerful CranioSacral was after one 20 minute demo session. 

I have studied at Southwest Institute of Healing Arts and with the Upledger Institute. My best teachers have been my clients. 

I love teaching as much as I love private sessions. There is no greater gift than to open new perceptions of healing to people. My classes go far beyond techniques into personal transformation and quantum healing potential. ​
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